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Panthers Varsity Match

From the beginning we all played extremely well, and put up a strong fight for the whole first half. Unfortunately, Cambridge managed to make a line break, scoring a try which was then converted, and shortly after one of their players made and excellent interception of one of our passes, scoring another try and succeeding in another conversion. We all put a big shift in up until half time to make sure no more tries were scored, ending the first half with 14-0 to Cambridge.

In the second half we doubled our efforts in defence to make sure that Cambridge couldn’t make anymore line breaks and it was a success, we held them back and we didn’t let them score any more tries for the rest of the match. We made some great turnovers and in the last 10 minutes managed to push Cambridge all the way back to their try line. Right up until the last couple of minutes we pulled off attacking phase after attacking phase, keeping Cambridge on their try line, until Yasmin Irving drove through the line scoring us our first try. Which was then beautifully converted by Milly Fewlass-Jones, ending the match with a final score of 14-7 to Cambridge.

Photo Credit: Steve Karpa

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