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Clodagh Holmes signs out of OURFC in style! Women's BLues Match report v Major Stanley's XV

Major Stanley’s, our biggest game this term. A match that’s steeped in OURFC tradition, and our 4th annual event for the women’s side. And extra special for the Blues as it was Clodagh Holmes’ final appearance for OURFC, having represented the club for 6 years. For her ultimate game, she led the squad as captain. Stanley’s put out a strong squad to challenge Oxford, for our last game of the year. Ex-captain Lauren Webb started us off with a try in the first 5 minutes, before Stanley’s quickly retaliated with a break from their 10. Sophie Shams then puts the ball in under the posts to bring the blues back into the game. The game in the first half from this point on was a tedious struggle of to and fro. Scrum-half Alex Wilkinson scored our next 5 points, shortly before Lilla Berry stepped the Stanley’s captain and ran the ball up on the wing, but it was not enough to keep Stanley's from taking the lead by 2 points at half time.

The second half was a continuous uphill battle but the Blues as usual came back fighting. A couple more breaks from the Stanley’s 10 and 13 kept the alumni in the game, but they were just held short by more impressive tries from Webb, and one more from Lilla Berry on the left wing. Clodagh Holmes then finishes the game and her OURFC career with a triumphant try in the right corner, before Webb closed the the match with an excellent touchdown right under the posts. Final score 51-31 to the Blues.

Try scorers -

Lauren Webb (4)

Lilla Berry (2)

Sophie Shams

Alex Wilkinson

Clodagh Holmes

Conversions - Stella Farmer (3)

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