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2nd & 3rd XV varsity squads announced

On Sunday evening in the OURFC Pavilion the captains of the Men's & Women's 2nd & 3rd XV's announced their squads for their respective Varsity Matches to be played this coming weekend.

On Saturday the Men's matches will take place at Iffley Road, the Whippets at 1230 followed by the Greyhounds at 1500. The on the Sunday at Grange Road, Cambridge the Women's matches will be played, the Puma's at 1230 and the Panthers at 1500. Entry to all matches is free.


Starting XV: 1 Grace Lawrence (Corpus Christi) 2 Stephanie Dai (Corpus Christi) Captain 3 Olivia Brown (Corpus Christi) 4 Felicity Howard (Queen's) 5 Bryony Fishpool (Queen's) 6 Greta Dohler (Queen's) 7 Maeve Ewing (Corpus Christi) 8 Abby Pridden (Corpus Christi) 9 Chloe Dudley (Corpus Christi) 10 Rosanna Milner (Queen's) 11 Iris Greaney (Queen's) 12 Faye Fallon (Brasenose) 13 Phillipa Rolfe (Somerville) 14 Briony-Mai Green (University) 15 Hannah Levingston (Lincoln)

Replacements: 16 Willow Farr (Corpus Christi) 17 Naomi Tromans (University) 18 Ainhoa Garcia Reyes (Worcester) 19 Gaya Wimalasundera (Worcester) 20 Beatrice Lofthouse (University) 21 Aine Powell-Wiffen (Worcester) 22 Ella Ozkan (St Peter's) 23 Hannah Kieve (Lady Margaret Hall)


Starting XV: 1 Elizabeth Drake (Lady Margaret Hall) 2 Sophie Goodman (Brasenose) 3 Tolu Duckworth-Essilfie (Keble) 4 Hannah Riches (St Edmund Hall) 5 Lauren Preece (Lady Margaret Hall) 6 Shirley-Anne Mason (University) 7 Chloe Bardou (University) 8 Georgina Close-Smith (Lady Margaret Hall) 9 Florence Baker Masters (St Catherine’s) 10 Maria Watt (St Catherine’s) Captain 11 Katie Driver (Somerville) 12 Tabitha Preston (Worcester) 13 Elin Isaac (Queen’s) 14 Alexandra Akins (St Peter’s) 15 Emilia Perry-Poletti (Exeter)

Replacements: 16 Katerina Thacker (Exeter) 17 Sophie Florides (Worcester) 18 Faye Fallon (Brasenose) 19 Libby Jennings (College TBC) 20 Amelie Harris-Lovett (Worcester) 21 Philippa Rolfe (Somerville) 22 Beth Thomas (Balliol)


Starting XV: 1 W Davis (Queen's) 2 G Tufail Smith (Lady Margaret Hall) 3 M Agureev (Oriel) 4 E Terry (Trinity) 5 O Godden (Worcester) 6 M Wall (New) 7 A Powell (St Edmund Hall) 8 C Donnelly (Queen's) 9 K Muriuri (Jesus) 10 J Musselwhite (Corpus Christi) 11 J Surga (University) 12 J Murply (St Peter's) Captain 13 R Davis (Exeter) 14 D Kelly (Queen's) 15 W Morn (Christ Church)

Replacements: J Walker (Wadham) C Rosen (Jesus) T Roxburgh (Pembroke) T Cowen (Queen's) J Longhawn (Jesus)


Starting XV: 1 J Hughes (St Anne's) 2 J Botham (New) 3 H Pratt (Queen's) 4 J Elliott (St Edmund Hall) 5 S Dockery (St Edmund Hall) 6 L Le Merle (St Catherine's) 7 Z Rozenbroek (St Hilda's) 8 J Lloyd Williams (Worcester) 9 P Meigh (St John's) 10 G Morgan (New) 11 W McGowan (Christ Church) 12 L Currie (St Hilda's) Captain 13 D Jukes (Merton) 14 T Siatch (Somerville) 15 E Russell (St Peter's)

Replacements: 16 G Tufail Smith (Lady Margaret Hall) 17 F Palmer (Lincoln) 18 J Singh (St Edmund Hall) 19 E Terry (Trinity) 20 J Treacy (Mansfield) 21 M Sanderson (Trinity) 22 S Yoshimura (Pembroke) 23 N Miller (New)

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