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2023 annual general meeting

The 2023 OURFC Annual General Meeting took place on Monday 12th June in the Pavilion at Iffley Road. Following nine years of service, Sir Ivor Roberts stepped down as President to be replaced by Stephen Pearson, who has served as the OURFU RFU Representative for the past 12 years. Stephen is replaced as the RFU Representative by Tim O'Brien, who was the first person to gain Blues for rugby at both Cambridge and then Oxford, who he Captained in 1984.

Andrew Wilkinson also stepped down after serving for nine years on the main committee, to be replaced by Chris Ferguson who is Bursar at Trinity College and former CFO at Gloucester Rugby.

OURFC would like to thank Sir Ivor and Andrew for their contributions to Oxford University rugby during their time on committee.

Full 2023/24 Non-Student Committee Members:

President Stephen Pearson

Chair John Webster

Treasurer Frank Gargent

RFU Rep Tim O'Brien

Member Dom Alonzi (Chair of Recruitment)

Member Ellaine Gelman (VMCL Board Member)

Member Christina Taylor (Varsity)

Member Ceri Butcher (Alumni Relations)

Member Apphia Bunting (Welfare)

Member Mike Thomas (Development)

Member Chris Ferguson (Development)

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